BAIL [2018] - Directed By Kwame Lestrade - 

"A gripping new drama about trust, consent and gender-bias in 2018 and the years to come."


Running Time 30 mins / Format 5K

  • Director_Kwame Lestrade
  • Producer_Kwame Lestrade, Monique Touko 
  • Executive Producer_Nonso Anozie 
  • Editor_Andrew Webber 
  • Screenwriter_Kwame Lestrade
  • Director of Photograph_Caleb Wissun-Bhide
  • Sound Cassandra_Rutledge, Phillip Quinton 
  • 1st Assistant Director_Kashman Harris
  • 2nd Assistant Director_Lawrence Coke
  • Music_Mikis Michealides 

    Principal Cast - Danny Sapani, Justina Kehinde, Christopher J Gordon, Shereener Browne, Nobuse Junior, Amy Spinks, Sherine Chalhie, Joseph Connolly