"One of the more complex shoots I've had the pleasure of working on, with the camera team utilising a mix of Steadicam and the BOLT High Speed Camera, it was 2 days that required delicate precision on each take. For a beautifully cinematic move starting at 3mins 25secs, having to accommodate for the BOLTS programming times made for building a smooth rapport with the cast and multitude of extras, championing patience, without sacrificing the ever important goal of leaving set on time. One of the hardest working teams I've been blessed with."  

Directed By - Flex God DAPS

Director of Photography - Sam Meyer

1st AD - Kashman Harris

2nd AD - Harry Guest

1st & 2nd AC - Louis Vella & Charlie Tierney

Gaffer - Sonny Horwell

Electricians - Amir Mouffi & Johnny Boomer

BOLT OPs - Tomi Keeling & Rob Legg

Producers - Tony Longe & Samin Saadat

Production Comp. - Cr8tive Row