Yxng Bane | HBK: The Prequel (Short Film)

Writer / Producer

[ 'HBK: The Prequel' is a day in the life of 5 young men from Canning Town in London. ] 

Starring Yxng Bane, Samuel Kyi, Senesie "Essk Songz" Koroma, Gerome Miller, Malachi Latchman and Emma Cargill.

  • Directed By_ Esrael Alem
  • Produced by_Kashman Harris & Samin Saadat
  • Line Producer_Alexa Waugh
  • Story and Concept by_G Frsh
  • Written By_Kashman Harris

A Wall of Comedy Production / Produced in partnership with Vevo

Clash Magazine Feature - https://www.clashmusic.com/reviews/yxng-bane-hbk